Saturday, August 11, 2012

8 Years, 51 Weeks

my love Poesy Ring

It's no secret that I loved my engagement ring. Platinum. No gemstone. Engraved with "amor meus," which we always said in reverse: "meus amor."

And it's no secret that I lost the band within a month of our engagement. All I have now this sad, empty box.


My wedding anniversary is one week from today.

This is big news, but not the big news that you might expect. You see, this is the first year that I remembered which day my anniversary actually falls on. Most people assume that men are the ones that habitually forget important dates, but that is not the case in my household.

Here, it's me.

But this year--this year--I am prepared.

I even arranged a gift. And made a back-up gift.  And I promise to post photos of them soon.

But not yet. On the off-chance that my husband stumbles over and reads this post, I will refrain.

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  1. If my Latin is up to par, that seems like a nice ring.