Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Elusive "Away"

number of items in our home are "out." For whatever reason, even after living here for a dozen years, we still haven't found a place to put them "away." So they sit there: on the countertop, on the table, in the corner, in the way. Instead of being put away, they are perpetually left out.

It's frustrating.

And you know what? I don't want to come home every day and immediately feel frustrated. I don't want to come home and forever feel overwhelmed by visual clutter. I want to come home and feel relaxed, welcomed. I want my home to be my own Away. 

And so today I am working in our kitchen, as I have been for the past few days. I'm making room in the cabinets, getting rid of what we don't need, what we don't use, so that the things that are out and living on our countertops can finally be put away

Even though I'm getting rid of what seems like a lot of items--coffee cups come to mind here--I suspect we won't really miss them. After all, does a three-person household really need twenty-nine mugs? Or would it be better for us to have a half-dozen mugs and space to put our cast-iron skillets Away?

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